Hammers were used
to fixed wheels!

Nails were used to hold
down tents!
Soap was used to clean
yourself in the river.

Wagons were used to travel in.

Buckets were used to carry
water in!

Tents were used to sleep in on
the Oregon Trail!

There are a lot of important tools to bring on the Oregon Trail!!! It could mean the difference between life and death!!!

The tools and supplies that were brought on the Oregon Trail were very important for survival on the 2,000-mile westward journey. The pioneers took many tools on the trip to Oregon City. They took axes, shotgun, rifles, knives, pocketknives, and different types of handguns, gunpowder, and bullets. The pioneers also packed plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups, pots and pans. The tools were kept in a box in the back of the wagon. They also took leather to fix up worn out shoes. They would have to make their own repairs. So they also brought nails, string, saws, and hammers. The pioneers could not forget the important tools to fix their wagons. Wagons broke down many times on the 2,000-mile journey. They also took spare wheels, plows, seeds, shovels and other equipment needed for making a good farm once they got to Oregon. They brought guns to protect their families from wild animals, horse thieves and bad Indians. Parents would need to take schoolbooks to teach their children on the long journey. They also brought some whiskey, and they claimed it was for medicine. It is pretty obvious they needed many tools on the Oregon Trail! They had to be careful what to bring as it could mean life or death!!! Matthew N.