Time to claim our land and build our house!!!

Settling in Oregon

In Oregon there were very big forests, many rivers, and lots of animals to kill and eat. When you finally made it to Oregon you immediately claimed land. The land cost about two dollars an acre. That was very inexpensive for the pioneers. The United States government wanted people to move to this part of the country and develop it. Pioneers wanted to live by or near a river so they could have a big water supply. If they did not live by water, they would dig a well. It was still very hard work once they reached Oregon!!! After they got their land they had to clear everything so they could build their homes and plant crops. The first spring and summer they did nothing other than hard work. Pioneers first houses looked like an open shed that faced the fire. Most pioneer women and children sewed quilts while the father and older sons built the house. When a group of pioneers lived near each other they would often build a fort to protect themselves from Indians. Men often helped their neighbors build their houses by cutting down trees for wood and clearing the land. Early cabins had only one window, one door and one room. It took a week to ten days to build a house with four men. The pioneers would sleep in their wagon while they built their house. They looked forward to starting their new life in a new land with many new opportunities!!! But starting over was really tough!!! Ben S.

Our Log Cabin!!!