You really wanted to be to Independence Rock by the fourth of July!!!

Independence Rock

Independence Rock was named for a fur trader’s Fourth of July celebration in 1830. This gigantic rock is 1,900 feet long and a stunning 128 feet high and 700 feet wide and it is almost all granite. It has become one of the most famous landmarks of the Oregon Trail. Pioneers were aiming to be there by July fourth so they could get to Oregon before the snowfall. There are more than a stunning 5,000 names carved on it. It is located in Wyoming. mIt was shaped like a turtle. Independence rock is nicknamed the “Great Register of the Desert” because so many pioneers engraved their initials and dates when they were there. You can still see the initials today. Travelers climbed not just to carve their names, but also to see the names of long absent friends. Here the trail met the Sweet Water River that would lead to South Pass, which was the half way mark to Oregon. The pioneers would have a huge celebration when they got there!!! Evan B.

Independence Rock by Fourth of July!!!