Fort Laramie was a great place to rest and repair your wagon. It was also a good place to let your animals rest!!!
Fort Laramie!!
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Fort Laramie!!Fort Laramie!!

During the 1830’s Fort Laramie was founded by a group of early fur traders. Fort Laramie was a great resting place for the tired pioneers. Fort Laramie was also a good spot to let the cattle rest and a place to repair your wagons. The fort was named after an early French fur trader named Jacques La Ramie. If youtle, oxen, and hor didn’t arrive at the fort by early June you might get caught in a snowstorm. That would really be bad!!! Fort Laramie was one of the most popular forts for trading fur, washing clothes, fixing your wagon, and buying food. Sometimes you would meet Indians at the fort and you could trade with them for stuff they wanted and you wanted. For example an Indian might want a frying pan and you migioneers along the trail. Forht want some leather!!! Done deal!!! Fort Laramie served as many functions to help and supply the pt Laramie was also the one-third mark to Oregon country. Sam P.

Fort Laramie