Fort Hall was a great place to trade with the Indians!!!


Fort Hall!

Nathaniel Wyeth wanted to build Fort Hall to make money trading with the fur traders. Fort hall was built in 1834 near the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. Many soldiers lived in Fort Hall, but it was mainly used for trading. The fort was made of bricks and was a little larger than a large barn. It is estimated that 270,000 pioneers stopped at Fort Hall. It was the only place that you could take a break between Soda Springs and the rest of the hard part of the journey until more forts were built. Fort Hall was an important trading place with the Shoshone Indians, and it was a good place to repair your wagon. It was not a fort where you could buy supplies, but you could repair your wagon and trade with the Indians. It was also a place for the tired pioneers to rest. It was the place where you could turn southwest to follow the California Trail. Floods destroyed Fort Hall in 1862. Drew R.
Fort Hall! A place to rest!