Fort Kearney was the first fort to purchase supplies and repair your wagon!!!

Fort Kearney is located along the Platte River. It was originally a military post, but for the days of the Oregon Trail it was used for traveler protection because of Indian attacks and many other dangers along the Oregon Trail. Fort Kearney was also used to buy supplies, food, and it had a well-known good mail service. It also was a great place to repair your wagon and regroup for the long journey ahead. Fort Kearney’s first name was not Fort Kearney. It was Fort Child, but in 1846 it was renamed in honor of General Stephen Watts Kearney. It was very popular in late May of 1847 where there were 2,000 pioneers and 10,000 oxen a day that came through. It was made of a blockhouse made of sod and other small buildings that made up the fort. In 1848 the Indian tribes Sioux and Cheyenne attacked! Then in 1875 the army abandoned the fort. The Pawnee Indians bought the land for 2,000 dollars worth of goods. By Julia B.

Fort Kearney in Kearney, Nebraska